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Yo dejé las tristezas el día que decidí no volver a mirar atrás, y ahora me endeudó con el futuro por todo lo que gaste tratando de hacer cosas que no estaban a mi alcance!


Kaila Love - “You wouldn’t know”

When I was homeless at 18, after I wore out my welcome at all my friends homes, I would sleep behind a BofA, get to work early and clean up in the bathroom. My coworkers, when they found out, replied with things like, “but you don’t look homeless.” Eventually I got so sick from exposure that I had to quit my job. I eventually got a car, an old ‘77 Toyota Corolla. Having a car to sleep in was suck a relief. If I couldn’t find a couch to crash on, I’d just find a neighborhood to park overnight in and hope no one come over to tell me to move along. 

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